Still Going Strong

This site is the maps and photos to expand your views of  Still Going Strong, the book of adventures by Talie Morrison It can be ordered at:

Throughout her sixth decade, this accomplished solo backpacker  continued her wilderness adventures. Not for one minute did she think she was too old or that any trail was too dangerous.

In Still Going Strong, Morrison chronicles her travels during her sixties, which took her all over the world. She forged through raging snowstorms in Antarctica and spent almost two months walking across the entire continent of Europe. Morrison found herself in perilous situations, and all she had to rely on was her own extensive wilderness experience. She explains the strategies she uses for staying safe and the skills anyone can use when undertaking long hikes. Going out alone is not for the faint of heart, but with her determination and boundless spirit, Morrison has pushed past any imaginable limits.

Her awe-inspiring stories range across disparate climates and distant continents. The pull of the wild is strong. It sinks deeply into the soul of an adventurer, and following the allure will result in incredible experiences. This collection of remarkable stories shows how much we are capable of as humans, and how much world there is to be seen. She urges you to press on, for blue skies await.

In this site, you can see more detailed maps of Talie’s adventures and see plenty of photos.   The maps and photos have individual pages for each chapter.   So just click on a map page or a photo page to follow along.   Enjoy!