Welcome to Still Going Strong

Welcome to the map and photo site for Talie Morrison’s book titled: Still Going Strong.  You can order a copy from Amazon.com at:


I hope you are enjoying my stories.   I have put together more detailed maps of most of my adventures.  Many of us who travel in the backcountry, LOVE our maps.   I can spend hours pouring over trail maps.   So I have included quite a few samples of the maps I used.   Some of the adventures are quite long (like Pyrenees and Colorado Trail), so I have just shown some of the maps.  That way you can see what I was following.   Other adventures (like Pyke-Big Bay), I have been able to show almost all the maps along the track.

Each chapter has it’s own gallery of maps and photos, so just go to the gallery heading (under “pages”) to view them.  All the map galleries are shown first (in chapter order) and then the photo galleries are all together (again in chapter order).


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